About Us

In Nocsus, every cat and dog is an integral part of our network. As a result, we promote the same values on the Internet as in our stores: Companion satisfaction, Quality.

Companion satisfaction:
An essential element for us! Buyer satisfaction is good, user satisfaction and comfort is better. We focus our attention on your pet, cat or dog, in order to best meet your expectations. Despite our wide and very specific range, it can sometimes happen that we do not have solutions to a given problem. In this case, we admit it and direct you to the solution that seems most appropriate to us (veterinarian, other specialized store etc...)

Quality :
Our teams give their best to maintain an optimal level of quality. Quality of the products, of course, but also of the services, the welcome, the advice... everything is studied in order to perfectly meet the needs of the companion and his master. Finally, a quality relationship is also, in our opinion, a relationship of trust and listening, which is why we remain very attentive to our customers' comments.