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Dog Basket, Cat: How to choose?

The basket of our animals is available from every angle.... There are different shapes: round, square, oval... As well as different styles: From the Bed, to the basket with raised or niche-shaped edges, to the soft cushion... A wide choice is required, and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and to know which bed is best suited for your dog or cat. The choice of your companion's bedding, dog or cat, is already more important: Your pet needs to have its own place where it knows it can be quiet to rest without being disturbed.To offer your pet optimal comfort, it is advisable to choose a bed adapted to its size, neither too small because it may...

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Dog and cat hair: How to maintain their cat?

Your pet is losing its hair, it's normal... A moult occurs twice a year, in spring and autumn, governed in particular by changes in temperature and the length of days that affect the animal's hormonal system. That's why you find hair all over the house, on couches, on your clothes or in her basket.Caring for your pet's coat is essential, brushing your dog or cat is recommended several times a week depending on the length of the hair. In addition to grooming equipment, there are several brushing methods.We have tested and validated the hair collection glove, which is proving to be very effective in gently removing dead hair. The glove is ideal for the most complicated areas with a brush,...

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