The Dog and Cat Harness

Dog and Cat harnesses have become more and more popular in recent years. There are harnesses for various uses: canine sport, canirando, canicross, cani-vtt, agility, sled....

The harnesses are made of different materials: nylon, leather, with reflective strips....
And they also exist in different forms: H, T, X, Y...

It is sometimes difficult to find your way around and to know which harness is best suited for your dog.

We have selected a versatile harness that we believe is best suited for everyday use.

Cat Dog Adjustable Harness Vest Walking Lead Leash

This nylon harness has the main advantage of being light and comfortable, in the shape of an "H" it lends itself well to the dog's various movements. Practical, it is equipped with two straps on the back, which prevents the leash from passing under its legs, it is a comfortable harness to wear for the animal.

If your dog tends to pull on the leash when walking, the harness is the ideal accessory, it makes it easier to control the dog than a simple collar, because the force exerted is distributed over the whole body.
The harness thus offers better support and avoids compressing the trachea of the pulling dog, the risk of injury is lower than with a collar or the dog is held by the neck.

The harness is particularly recommended for a dog that sniffs a lot on the ground, or that will pull with all its strength.
The harness is also preferred to the collar for other situations:

During certain activities, such as canicross, to avoid pulling on the dog's neck.
During long hikes to be able to carry it in case of complicated passages.
In heart failure: it is then necessary to avoid the collar which, by pressing on the trachea, can aggravate heart fatigue.
When learning to walk on a leash, because the dog is more controllable.
To make the dog more visible (during hunting season for example)
For aesthetics (in competition or for visiting dogs for example)
The harness is recommended for puppies and dogs of small, medium and large breeds.

Dog Collars Leads Vehicle Car Dog Seat Belt

The harness with car seat belt is ideal for carrying your dog safely.

For the transport of his companion, there are other devices for his safety and that of the passengers: the dog carrier is part of it (to be chosen according to its size) it is placed in the boot of the car.