Dog Basket, Cat: How to choose?

The basket of our animals is available from every angle.... There are different shapes: round, square, oval... As well as different styles: From the Bed, to the basket with raised or niche-shaped edges, to the soft cushion... A wide choice is required, and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and to know which bed is best suited for your dog or cat.

The choice of your companion's bedding, dog or cat, is already more important: Your pet needs to have its own place where it knows it can be quiet to rest without being disturbed.

To offer your pet optimal comfort, it is advisable to choose a bed adapted to its size, neither too small because it may feel cramped, nor too large because it must feel surrounded and reassured.

Here are some useful information to help you make the best choice for your four-legged friend.

The basket with raised edges :

Dog Mat Kennels Soft Bed

The basket with raised edges provides good insulation from the ground and gives the animal a feeling of security with its enveloping shape. It is a basket that can be placed indoors, on the floor or sofa, or outdoors, in a niche... It exists in different sizes.

The Cushion 

Round Dog Bed Washable

Some dogs and cats prefer cushions because they like to stretch and lie down all the way. Therefore, prefer a soft and comfortable cushion with the right dimensions and a consistent thickness to insulate it from the cold of the ground. For easier maintenance, we recommend a removable cushion. 

The basket in the shape of a niche 

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The niche shape of the basket provides animals with a sense of security and protection thanks to its roof. In addition, the roof provides excellent insulation and prevents draughts. This basket is an authentic space of isolation to rest. The basket with a roof is much more reassuring for the animal, especially if it is anxious in nature. For some dogs and cats this type of basket is essential to help them stay warm, calm and free from stress.

In summary:

Baskets with raised edges remain the preferred models because they delimit a reserved and reassuring space for the animal.

To make the best choice, and thus promote the well-being of your four-legged friend as much as possible, you must obviously take into account his size but also his behaviour, his habits, and his way of sleeping, lying down or rolling in a ball...

As for the sleeping area, choose a quiet place, away from drafts and passages, but it should not be too far away to allow your partner to integrate easily into family life.

Each model of dog and cat basket can be equipped with a blanket for added comfort.