Dog and cat hair: How to maintain their cat?

Your pet is losing its hair, it's normal... A moult occurs twice a year, in spring and autumn, governed in particular by changes in temperature and the length of days that affect the animal's hormonal system. That's why you find hair all over the house, on couches, on your clothes or in her basket.

Caring for your pet's coat is essential, brushing your dog or cat is recommended several times a week depending on the length of the hair.
In addition to grooming equipment, there are several brushing methods.

We have tested and validated the hair collection glove, which is proving to be very effective in gently removing dead hair. The glove is ideal for the most complicated areas with a brush, such as the back of the legs, tail or head. The soft silicone pimples provide a feeling of massage and well-being for the animal.

Silicone Dog Hair Removal Glove

The other advantage of this glove is that it can also be used in the bath to double the effectiveness of the shampoo. If your dog or cat does not like to take a bath, the massaging effect of this glove will help him/her to enjoy this moment.

You can brush your cat regularly with the hair catcher glove, this will reduce the regurgitation created by the hairballs and remove dead hair. Brushing will also prevent the formation of knots for long-haired felines.

Silicone Dog Hair Removal Glove


Using the glove every week will allow you to have less hair throughout the house and on your clothes, in addition to maintaining your companion's coat.

If your dog or cat loses its hair abnormally, until you see its skin in places, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Finally, a beautiful coat feeds from the inside. A healthy dog or cat will usually have a healthy coat. Therefore, special attention must be paid to your food. This way, you will be able to admire his beautiful shiny coat and enjoy his company for many years to come!